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Center (American English), also spelt Centre (in British English and Hiberno-English) has a number of meanings.

  1. In geometry, a point that is well-distant from the boundaries of a figure. For instance, for a circle, the center is defined as the point equidistant from all points on the circle's boundary. Similar definitions can be made for other shapes in various geometries, though for arbitrary complex shapes there may be several definitions considered appropriate in some circumstances.
  2. The standard name given to a position on the field in several sports, such as American football, basketball, netball, amongst others.
  3. The center of power in a country is the capital.
  4. Centre is a low-lying region of France in the centre of the country.
  5. Center is also the name of two towns in Wisconsin.
  6. Cities often are said to have a center; it is also called "downtown".
  7. In abstract algebra, the center of a group is the subgroup consisting of those elements which commute with all other elements. Similar definitions of center apply to other algebraic structures, for example, center (algebra).
  8. In politics, the center is the middle ground between the left wing and the right wing. (See also Centre Party.)

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