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Cenred of Mercia

Cenred (or Coenred, Coinred, Kenred) ruled the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia from 704 to 709.

The son of Wulfhere, he was probably too young to succeed to the throne when Wulfhere died in 675, and so his uncle Aethelred ruled until 704, when he abdicated. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle mentions Cenred becoming "King of the Southumbrians" (a title of unclear meaning) in 702.

According to Bede, Cenred abdicated in favor of Aethelred's son Ceolred after four years, went with Offa (said to be a West Saxon ruler) to Rome and was made a monk by Pope Constantine. He died at an unknown date.

Cenred's name appears on several charters granting land, including ones to Waldshere the Bishop of London, Cuthswith the Abbess of Worcester, and to the Abbey of Evesham.