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In the J. R. R. Tolkien work The Lord of the Rings, Celeborn (pronounced with a hard "C") is the Elven husband of Galadriel. He was a kinsman of Thingol, the Lord of Lórien and father of Celebrían. Celebrian was the wife of Elrond.

It is not exactly made clear who Celeborn was in The Silmarillion, as Tolkien never truely answered the question during his life. His last writings indicate that Celeborn was not a Sindarin Elf, but rather a Teleri Elf from Valinor, then named Teleporno in Telerin, and travelled with Galadriel to Middle-earth, during the First Age. They left at the same time, but not as part of, the rebellion of the Noldor. Teleporno was "Sindarized" as Celeborn: Telerin t(y)eleb (silver) was translated to Sindarin keleb. If Celeborn's Aman origin is adopted, he must have been a part of the Telerin king Olwë's family, to be counted as a kinsman of the Sindarin king Thingol, Olwë's brother Elwë.

Celeborn remained behind after Galadriel left Middle-earth, but eventually, some time during the Fourth Age, left for Valinor. It is said with him passed the last memory of the Elder Days from Middle-earth.