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Cayey, Puerto Rico

Cayey is a mountain town in central Puerto Rico.

Cayey is known for its beautiful women and the warmth and friendliness of its people. It is notable for its colorful wooden houses and the scent of the surrounding mountains. Until the 1990s, Cayey had not been visited by many people.

The town grew in the 1990s, as evidenced by the new Walmart store there, and the building of a new coliseum and hospital facilities.

Cayey's unspoiled tourist attractions, apart from the mountains, include The Statue Of The Jibarito and Las Tetas De Cayey, also known as "Las Tetas De Do˝a Fela", which are two mountain tops nicknamed for their similarity to a female body part.

During 1880, a fire that later acquired legendary status happened in Cayey's Mirador Echevarria area. The fire broke out on the property of a timber company near Charca Del Pato. Many people and dogs died, and legend has it that the dogs' barking can still be heard, and sometimes, at night, the screams of the men who burned to death can still be heard too.

Cayey also has a Puerto Rican National Superior Basketball League team, los Toritos De Cayey.

Famous Cayeyanos include basketball player JosÚ Ortiz, a former member of the NBA's Utah Jazz; boxer Pedro Montanez; and singer Danny Rivera.