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Casu modde cheese

Casu modde cheese (also called casu marzu or, in italian, formaggio marcio) is a special fermented cheese typical of Sardinia, Italy.

Derived from Pecorino, its fermentation is brought up to quite a decomposition by the development of the larva of the Piophila casei, a small insect. Its pasta becomes very soft and some liquid comes out ("lagrima" = tear).

It is enjoyed at the end of a heavy lunch, with typical Sardinian bread (Pane Carasau) and Cannonau, a strong red wine.

Due to the high content of living organisms (really little jumping white worms), it obviously is not a product generally suitable to anyone (it might cause allergies) and in some countries it might be illegal to produce or sell it.

In Sardinia this is intended instead as a precious good, illegally sold (more or less) at three times pecorino's price.

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