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- Castell (3 de 7) built at
the Sant Jaume Square of Barcelona

Castells are human towers that are traditionally built during festivals in many places in Catalonia, Spain. At these festivals, several colles de castellers (teams) meet and try to build the most impressive towers they can.

This tradition is said to have its origins in the Tarragona province, but has now spread to many parts of Catalonia. Amongst other important festivities are the carnival in Vilanova i la Geltrú and the Patum in Berga.


In Catalan the word castell means castle, although the tower is usually called a pilar if it consists of just one person per level.

Castells are mainly described by the number of people standing at the base and the number of levels. In the image opposite, for instance, a 3 de 7 is depicted.

The elements a castell may consist of are as follows:

Castells up to 10 levels have been built.

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