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Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University was formed in 1967 by the union of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie, and the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, founded in 1917 by Richard Beatty Mellon. Among the world's most prestigious research universities, it is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Originally, the Carnegie Institute of Technology was called "Carnegie Technical Schools" until 1912. The school is often referred to as CMU (not to be confused with Central Michigan University).

Carnegie Mellon is a private research university of about 7,500 students and 3,000 faculty, research and administrative staff. The institution was founded in 1900 in Pittsburgh by industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who wrote the time-honored words, "My heart is in the work," when he donated the funds to create Carnegie Technical Schools. Carnegie's vision was to open a vocational training school for the sons and daughters of working-class Pittsburghers.

The university today consists of seven colleges and schools, the Carnegie Institute of Technology (a world-leader in engineering), the College of Fine Arts (famous for its Drama and design departments), the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Mellon College of Science, the Graduate School of Industrial Administration (among the nation's premier schools of business), the School of Computer Science (arguably the best of its kind in the world) and the H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management (a leader in policy analysis of information technology).

The university also include famous research centers such as the Robotics Institute, which is the first of its kind in the world and currently considered a leader in the field of robotics, and of course the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) which undertakes projects largely funded by the US department of defense.

Carnegie Mellon's sports teams are called the Tartans. They participate in the University Athletic Association in NCAA Division III. Carnegie Mellon's marching and concert band is the Kiltie Band.

Students of Carnegie Mellon sometimes complain about the skewed male-female ratio and excessive workload. Some claim that an extremely annoying variety of nerd is present on campus in large numbers. Some of these individuals are so bizarre that it has been suggested they may have a minor case of autism which causes difficulting relating to other people yet allows them to relate well to mathematics and technology.

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