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Car Talk

Car Talk is a radio talk show appearing on NPR. Its hosts are brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi (Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers), two long-time mechanics who both studied at MIT. Listeners call in with car-related problems, from simple mechanical failures to questions that begin "My husband wants..."

The show could be a described as a talk radio program about cars that happens to be funny, or it could just as honestly be described as a comedy show that happens to accept calls about cars from the audience. They are known for long rants on the evils of the internal combustion engine, the state of Iowa, and women named Donna. They have a laid back, humorous approach to car repair, with a much-needed critical eye towards the auto industry. They laugh at their own jokes. A lot.

They operate the "Good News Garage" in Cambridge, Massachusetts just a few blocks north of the MIT campus.

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