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Captains Courageous

Captains Courageous is an 1897 novel by Rudyard Kipling.

The plot is about a young rich and spoiled brat name Harvey Chaney Jr. who is washed overboard from his steamship and rescued by fishermen. They refuse to take him to shore nor do they believe him about his wealth. However, the Captain of the We're Here, Disko Troop, offers him a job as part of the crew until they return to port. With no other choice, Harvey accepts.

What follows is a series of trials and adventures where the boy learns to adjust to this rough new life and with the help of his friend, Dan Troop, he makes fine progress. Eventually, the schooner returns to port and Harvey wires his parents. They rush to the fishing town and are stunned to see their child has become an industrious, serious and considerate young man.

In 1937 Louis D. Lighton produced a movie based on the novel. It was directed by Victor Fleming. Spencer Tracy won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his work in this film. Also in the cast were Freddie Bartholomew, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas, Mickey Rooney, and John Carradine.

The movie was also nominated for three other Academy Awards:

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