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Scientific Classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Galliformes
Family: Tetraonidae
Genus: Tetrao
Binomial name
Tetrao urogallus

The Capercaillie, Tetrao urogallus, is the largest member of the grouse family. It is a sedentary species, breeding across northern parts of Europe and western and central Asia in mature conifer forests. The Scottish population became extinct, but has been reintroduced.

The male is about 80cm long, and a third bigger than the mostly brown female. He is mainly dark plumaged in browns and slate. He has a long tail which is spread like that of a Turkey in display.

The male's song is a loud croaking, followed by an odd sound like a cork popping from a bottle.

These are hardy vegetarian birds, taking berries and pine nuts, but insects are also taken by the developing young.

The female takes all responsibility for nesting and caring for the chicks, as is typical with gamebirds.

Capercaillie is also the name of a Scottish folk band.