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A campsite is a place used for camping. It can be specifically set aside for campers, to be used for a fee, or created impromptu while backpacking. Dedicated campsites are usually found clustered together in a campground.

Dedicated campsites usually have some amenities for campers. Common amenities include, listed roughly in order from most to least common:

Camping outside a designated campsite is often forbidden. In the US, many national and state parks have dedicated campsites and sometimes also allow impromptu camping by visitors. U.S. national forests often have established campsites but generally allow camping anywhere, except within a certain distance of water sources.

The Kampgrounds of America (KOA) is a large chain of commercial campgrounds located throughout the US. Many travellers prefer to use KOA, or similar campsites, as an alternative to hotels or motels.

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