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A camper (or caravan) is a road mobile facility to provide shelter while camping. Campers come in many varieties and generally can include self-propelled and trailer types. Sometimes self-propelled campers are termed recreational vehicles and camper is restricted to trailers.

Types of campers:

Some campers are innovative and original as in this portable cabin.

Campers are generally used for camping trips and moved between location although they are also sometimes parked semi-permanently o long term sites at private campgrounds or on private property. They are sometimes used in semi-permanent setup as hunting camps or hunting blinds. Some people, particularly retirees, live permanently in campers usually RVs and move from place to place, following their whims or favorite weather.

"Camper" is a derogatory term used in online games (particularly First-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike) for someone who stays in a tactically useless area and does not move. Often, players who choose to stay in advantageous areas are called this as well.

See also Travel trailer.

The word Camper is also used by alternative music as shorthand to refer to the band Camper Van Beethoven.