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California State University

The California State University (CSU) system has a combined 23 campuses, 414,000 students, and 44,000 faculty and staff, making it the largest university system in the United States. The CSU awards more than half of the bachelor's degrees and a third of the master's degrees granted in California and has awarded more than 2 million bachelor's, master's and joint doctoral degrees since 1961.

The system began with a series of "Normal Schools" established from 1857-1913 and renamed to "Teachers Colleges" in 1921. In 1960, the California legislature enacted the California Master Plan, which among other things created an 18-campus statewide California State College system. From 1972-1987, most campuses and the overall system were gradually renamed "California State University."

The CSU is one of the two major public university systems in California. While the University of California system focuses on research, the primary responsibility of the CSU schools is teaching. Residents of California can attend the CSU system for a reasonable price, although this price has escalated recently (2003). Between UC and CSU, California's university systems are among the best-developed and extensive in the United States.

Each campus has its own president. Unlike systems in states such as Michigan or Virginia, the 23 campuses share a common chancellor, currently Charles B. Reed, and a 25-member board of trustees.

The campuses are:

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