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A café (from the French word for coffee) is a small restaurant. Styles of cafés vary; some concentrate upon many styles of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, with possibly a selection of baked goods and sandwiches, while others offer full menus.

Cafés developed from the coffeehouses that became popular in Europe upon the introduction of coffee. Those also spawned another, completely different type of restaurant, the cafeteria.

North America is home to several chains of cafés, including Starbucks and Second Cup. These cafés are of the type that specialize in coffee and hot beverages. The most famous examples of the full-menu types are the "French cafés," especially those in Paris.

Cafés may have an outdoor part (pavement café) with seats, tables and parasols. See also public space.

Starting in the 1980s, a counter clerk at such a café has come to be known in English as a barista, from the Italian word for bartender.

See also Bar (establishment).