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C plus plus builder

C++ Builder is a popular RAD (Rapid application development) environment produced by Borland (known for a time as Inprise) which uses a slightly modified version of the C++ language. It bears close resemblance to Delphi, as a result many consider it to be a C++ version of Delphi. C++Builder and Delphi components are inter-reusable as most components developed in C++Builder can be used in Delphi with no modification. The reverse is also true.

C++Builder is a subset of RAD tools that include true drag-and-drop visual development, making programming easier by incorporating a WYSIWYG GUI design interface into its IDE.

Other popular visual RAD tools include

C++Builder, originally targeted only the Microsoft Windows platform, now incorporates Borland CLX, a cross-platform development visual component library that supports Linux (through Kylix), and may well extend to support other platforms in the future.

The C++Builder product is distributed as various suites, appropriately named C++Builder Studio, each offering more or less functionality:

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