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Busted are a British popular music group made up of three members: James Bourne, Charlie Simpson and Matt Jay. They are signed to Universal Island and have released four singles and two albums in the UK Charts. There sound can be described as "pop-rock" in a similar fashion to Blink 182. They could also be described as a boyband, however they do play their own instruments and sing live.

The band were formed in 2001 by James and Matt, with Charlie joining a few months later after answering an advert in NME magazine. Their first single, What I got to school for was released on September 17 2002 and got to number three in the UK Singles Chart. Their debut album was released on October 1 2002 with mixed success in the beginings, debuting in the Top 40 Album Chart, but drifting out fairly soon after.

In 2003, the band released another single, Year 3000, reaching number two in the charts, and prompting a resurgence in album sales. Two more singles from the first album were released later in 2003. A second album was released in October 2003, with the first single, Crashed the Wedding reaching number one in the charts.

Busted are also known for their feuds with other pop groups including Girls Aloud and Kelly Osbourne.


Singles (chart position)

1. What I Go to School For (Number 3)
2. Year 3000 (Number 2)
3. You Said No (Number 1)
4. Sleeping with the Light On (Number 5)
5. Crashed the Wedding (Number 1)


1. Busted (Number 35)
2. A Present For Everyone (Number 2)