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Burnin' is a roots reggae album by The Wailers, released in 1973 (see 1973 in music). The fourth album by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer (the last before Tosh and Bunny departed for solo careers and the band became known as Bob Marley & the Wailers), Burnin' opens with a signature song, the call to action "Get Up, Stand Up" and includes a more confrontational and militant tone than previous records, such as in another Marley standard turned into a #1 pop hit by Eric Clapton, "I Shot the Sheriff". The songs "Duppy Conqueror", "Small Axe" and "Put It On" are re-recordings of songs previously released.

Burnin' peaked at #151 and #41 on Billboard's Pop Albums and Black Albums charts respectively.

Track listing

  1. "Get Up, Stand Up" - 3:15
  2. "Hallelujah Time" - 3:27
  3. "I Shot the Sheriff" - 4:39
  4. "Put It On" - 3:58
  5. "Small Axe" - 4:00
  6. "Pass It On" - 3:32
  7. "Duppy Conqueror" - 3:44
  8. "One Foundation" - 3:20
  9. "Rastaman Chant" - 3:43