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Burma-Shave sold a brushless shaving cream in the United States, starting in the 1920s. They utilized the billboard as an advertising gimmick. Four or five consecutive billboards would line highways, so they could be read sequentially by motorists driving by. Burma-Shave sign series appeared in all of the lower 48 states except for New Mexico, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Nevada.

Examples of signs:

A peach / looks good / with lots of fuzz / but man's no peach / and never was / Burma-Shave

Does your husband / misbehave / grunt and grumble / rant and rave? / shoot the brute some / Burma-Shave

Don't take a curve / at 60 per / we hate to lose / a customer / Burma-Shave

Every shaver / now can snore / six more minutes / than before / by using / Burma-Shave

He played / a sax / had no B.O. / but his whiskers scratched / so she let him go / Burma-Shave

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