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Bug (rivers)

Bug is the name of two rivers in Europe, pronounced Boog.

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1 Western Bug
2 Southern Bug
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Western Bug

The better known of the two, also known as the Western Bug, or Buh in Ukrainian language, flows from the central Ukraine to the west, forming part of the boundary between that nation and Poland, passes along the Polish-Belarusian border, within Poland, and empties into the Narew river near Serock (actually to the artficial Zegrzyn Lake). It is 772 km long (most part (587 km) is in Poland; 4th longest Polish river) and has a basin area of 39,420 sq. km (19,284 in Poland).



Pełtew Sołokija Bukowa Huczwa Uherka Włodawka Krzna Liwiec Ług Muchawiec Leśna Nurzec Brok

Southern Bug

The other Bug (or Boh) River, also known as the Southern Bug or Southern Buh ancient Greeks called it Hipanis, is entirely located in Ukraine. It rises in the west, in Podolia Upland, about 90 miles from the Polish border, and flows southeasterly into the Black Sea. It is 853 km (530 mi) long.

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