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Buck Rogers

Buck Rogers is the central character of Philip Nowland's story Armageddon 2419, which appeared in the August 1928 issue of the pulp magazine Amazing Stories.

Buck Rogers, an American air force officer, fell into a coma and was awakened in the 25th Century. Together with his comrades, the beautiful Wilma Deering and intrepid Dr. Huer, he struggled to rid the world of evil warlords and "Mongol" hordes.

In 1929, the story was turned into a comic strip that ran for over twenty years. It was the first comic strip organized around a science fiction theme.

In 1979, the character was revived for a prime-time television program. The program introduced an essential new element of Rogers lore: Twiki, a pint-sized robot who could speak, but preferred to express himself with the dispeptic ejaculation ”biddi-biddi-biddi.” Dr Theopolis ("city of God"), another chatty robot, was housed in a large medallion worn by Twiki. (In one episode, Twiki was paired off with a pink female robot, whose lively dance moves were both a parody and tribute to the disco culture in which the show revelled.)