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Brylcreem (brill-cream) is a brand name product, the precursor to today's hair gel. Created in 1929, Brylcreem was the first mass-marketed men's hair care product. Its purpose is to keep combed hair in place. The shiny look it gave to the hair was also fashionable for a time. Other substances, including petroleum jelly, were in use for this purpose earlier.

The jingle "Brylcreem A Little Dab'll Do Ya" introduced TV viewers to this greasy substance used by men to slick down their hair. It comes in a tube and a small amount is squeezed out, rubbed between the palms, and applied to the head.

Brylcreem's ingredients are: water, mineral oil, beeswax, fragrance, calcium hydroxide, BHT, dimethyl oxazolidine, magnesium sulfate, and stearic acid.

Viewers of the sitcom Seinfeld will recall the bald character George mentioning in one episode that he still had Brylcreem in his medicine cabinet.

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