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Brooklyn Historic Railway Association

The Brooklyn Historic Railway Association's (BHRA) shop, trolley barn and offices are located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, on the historic Beard Street Piers (circa 1870). BHRA currently has a fleet of 16 trolleys (15 PCC trolleys and a trolley car from 1897). They have been, for all intents, been stopped from completing due to the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) withdrawing its support from the project. Construction has been stopped on a 7 block extension to the line, due to the removal and scrapping of rails, ties, and other items of railroad equipment by the DOT, which were stored on land that was slated for the "Fairway" supermarket project.

The BHRA's origin began with the rediscovery of the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel by Bob Diamond in 1980. BHRA was formed in 1982 to restore the historic tunnel. The Atlantic Avenue Tunnel (constructed in 1844) is the world's oldest subway tunnel. BHRA successfully filed and received designation for the tunnel on the National Register of Historic Places. BHRA continues to maintain and conduct tours and events within the Atlantic Avenue Tunnel. This too may be on borrowed time, due to disputes between Diamond and the DOT.

As of June 30, 2003, BHRA has been ordered to remove and fill in all trolley tracks on public streets by the DOT. The DOT has revoked consent for the project to proceed or exist on city streets.

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