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Brixham, south Devon.

A replica of Sir Francis Drake's ship—the Golden Hind—permanently moored in Brixham Harbour.

Brixham is a small town in the county of Devon in the southwest of England. Brixham is at the southern end of Torbay, across the bay from Torquay and is a famous fishing port, which along with tourism are its major industries.

It is considered to be a pretty, hilly town built around the harbour.

Brixham is famous for being the landing spot of William III of Orange with his Dutch army on November 5, 1688 during the Glorious Revolution, and many local people still have Dutch surnames, being direct descendants of soldiers in that army. A road leading from the harbour up a steep hill to where the Dutch made their camp is still called Overgang, meaning 'way up' in Dutch.

Brixham is also famous for being the town where the fishing trawler was invented.

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