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British 52nd (Lowland) Division

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52nd (Lowland) Division
ArmyTerritorial Army

The British 52nd (Lowland) Division was a Territorial Army division. During World War I the division fought at Gallipoli, in the Middle East (Sinai and Palestine) and on the Western Front in France.

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The division comprised three infantry brigades and one mounted (yeomanry) brigade:

; 155th Brigade (South Scottish) :

; 156th Brigade (Scottish Rifles) : ; 157th Brigade (Highland Light Infantry) : ; Lowland Mounted Brigade :

Unit History

World War I

The division began landing at the Helles front on the Gallipoli peninsula in June, 1915. The 156th Brigade was landed in time to be mauled in the Battle of Gully Ravine. Advancing along Fig Tree Spur, to the right of the ravine, the brigade had little artillery support and no experience of the Gallipoli battlefield. The brigade suffered 1400 casualties, or about half its strength, of which 800 were killed.

When the remaining brigades were landed, they were sent in to attack Krithia on July 12. They succeeded in capturing the Turkish trenches but were left unsupported and vulnerable to counter-attack. For a modest gain in ground, they suffered 30% casualties and were in no fit state to exploit their position.

The division moved to Egypt where it manned the east-facing defensive fortifications during the Battle of Romani but was not heavily involved in the fighting which was concentrated on the Australian light horse and New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade to the south. Following the battle they advanced across the Sinai but remained in a supporting role as the fluid nature of the fighting suited the mounted troops best.

Second and Third Battles of Gaza.

Battle of Jerusalem.

In March, 1918 the division moved to France where it fought in the 2nd Battles of the Somme, the 2nd Battles of Arras and at the Hindenburg Line.

World War II


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