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British 29th Division

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29th Division
ArmyRegular Army
FormedJanuary, 1915

The British 29th Division was a World War I regular army infantry division formed in early 1915 by combining various units that had been acting as garrisons about the British Empire. Under the command of Major General Aylmer Hunter-Weston, the division fought throughout the Battle of Gallipoli, including the original landings at Cape Helles. From 1916 to the end of the war the division fought on the Western Front in France.

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The division comprised three infantry brigades which at various times contained the following battalions:

; 86th Brigade :

; 87th Brigade : ; 88th Brigade :

Unit History

Helles landing. Battles of Krithia. Move to Suvla. Battle of Scimitar Hill.

Moved to France.


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