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In Celtic mythology, Brigid ("goddess who exults herself") was the daughter of Dagda and wife of Bres.

Brigid was known by many names, but all the different divinities were three-aspected goddesses.

  1. "Fire of Inspiration" - patroness of poets
  2. "Fire of the Hearth" - patroness of healers, goddess of fertility
  3. "Fire of the Forge" - patroness of smiths, craftsmen and warriors

By Tuireann, she was the mother of Creidhne, Luchtaine and Giobhniu.

Brigid possessed an apple orchard in the Otherworld; bees traveled there to obtain magical nectar. This orchard was associated with Avalon.

The Lady of the Lake in Arthurian Legend may be based on Brigid.

Brigid was the goddess of the Sacred Flame of Kildare. After the Christianization of the Celts, Brigid was considered the foster mother of Jesus Christ and was often called St. Brigid, daughter of the druid, Dougal the Brown. Some sources suggest that Saint Brigid was an Irish Catholic bishop.

On February 1, Brigid was celebrated at Imbolc, when she brought spring to the land. It is now the feast day of the Catholic St. Brigid.

Brigid was the patron goddess of the druids. Names:

  1. Brigid (Ireland)
  2. Brighid (Ireland)
  3. Bridget (Ireland) Anglicised version of the gaelic name.
  4. Brid
  5. Bride (Scotland)
  6. ffraid (Wales)
  7. Breo Saighead ("the fiery arrow")
  8. Berecyntia (Gaul)
  9. Brigan
  10. Brigandu (Gaul)
  11. Brigantia
  12. Brigantis (Briton)
  13. Brigindo (Switzerland)