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Breukelen (population: 14,259) is a town in the central Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht. The municipality covers an area of 48.64 km² (of which 2.71 km² is water).

The municipality of Breukelen also includes the following towns, villages and townships: Gieltjesdorp, Kockengen, Kortrijk, Laagnieuwkoop, Nieuwer Ter Aa, Oud Aa, Oukoop, Portengen, Portengense Brug, Scheendijk, and Spengen.

The Amsterdam-Rhine Canal passes Breukelen.

Breukelen has a train station.

There is a big Van Der Valk hotel, externally Chinese style.

The name of Brooklyn, New York, USA, originates from Breukelen (see also Kings County, New York, History section).

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