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Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire is a Role-playing game produced by Capcom. It involves a protagonist named Ryu and a winged girl named Nina. It currently has five installments. Breath of Fire series is Capcom's answer to Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior.


The theme has taken a different direction each game, each with a slightly different genre and very different plot line. The major conflicts of the plot lines have slowly shifted from problematic gods to genetic modification over the length of the series.

It is generally Anime in style with genres ranging between fantasy and Postcyberpunk. Both European and Chinese style dragons play a critical role throughout the game. The types of dragon used change with the style of that particular game.

Game play has undergone as many changes as the theme throughout the series. The perspective of the first four installments is isometric, and Dragon Quarter is third-person. The battle system is turn-based with infinite amounts of time between turns and this is probably the only consistency.


Throughout the series many characters have come and gone. The three main characters in every game are listed below. Their appearances and abilities vary with each game.

Ryu is the protagonist of the series. Ryu is always related to the dragon clan and is able to change from human to dragon at will after a certain point in the game. He generally appears between the ages of 15-25 with blue hair (Dark Blue In Dragon Quarter).

Nina is the main supporting character in each game. She usually appears between the age of 13-23 and has constantly had wings. In the first four installments of the game she is a princess of the windian (Sometimes Wyndian) tribe.

Deis (sometimes called Bleu) is generally a sage-type character. She usually has very powerful destructive magic. Her appearance has slowly changed between a naga and a human of 25-30 years old (although technically much older). (Note: She does appear in Dragon Quarter As Lin according to the alternate designs in the official art book.)

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