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Brass band

A brass band is a musical group consisiting solely of brass instruments and a percussion section. The brass instruments are limited to cornets, flugel horns, trumpets, tenor horns, tubas, baritones, euphoniums, trombones but not french horns (used in orchestras) or saxophones.

Brass bands are graded according to ability from A grade (being the highest) to D grade. The grading of a band can also be reflective of the commitment required, be it a once a week engagement for D grade, or 3 or more times a week for the A grade bands.

Competitions among bands usually consist of a combination of the following events; the performance of a street march, a test piece, a hymn, and an own selection or entertainment selection.

The American derivation of a brass band is notably varied from the English standard, in that sousaphones, saxophones, flutes and other instruments are included, and is more suited for outdoor marching or in sports stadiums.