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Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Some types of brass are called bronzes, despite their high zinc content.

Brass is a valuable manufacturing material because of its hardness and workability. Alpha brasses, with less than 40% zinc, are malleable and can be worked cold. Beta brasses, with a higher zinc content, can only be worked hot, but are harder and stronger. White brass, with more than 45% zinc, is too brittle for general use. Some types of brass have other metals added to modify their properties.

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Other uses of this term include: brass instrument

Also refers to a metal commemorative plate laid down in British and European churches from the 13th Century onwards. These can be reproduced by brass rubbing - placing a piece of paper over the figure or inscription and rubbing with a special crayon. For more information see Monumental Brasses as Art and History ed. Jerome Bertram published by Alan Sutton. See also\n