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Brampton Battalion

The Brampton Battalion

The Brampton Battalion, founded in 1998 is a relatively successful team in the Ontario Hockey League, or OHL. This Brampton, Ontario team plays out of The Brampton Centre for Sports and Entertainment in the extreme south-side of Brampton, this is a facility with one main arena, as well as three full size practice rinks on the north-east side.

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1 Uniform Colors
2 Logo Design
3 Defence:
4 Left Wing:
5 Right Wing:
6 Centre:
7 Goalies:

Uniform Colors

The Battalion's uniform is primarily an army-like shade of olive green. The shoulders feature black bars, with white outlining, this is then further outlined in black. Evenly between their shoulders and elbows lie three military-like arrows, pointing downward, to represent rank in a way like the military forces do. See military insignia.

Logo Design

The logo itself, featuring their mascot, Sarge, gritting his teeth is also army olive green, a mix of yellow and beige, white, fleshish pinky-orange, black, and red. The name Battalion, emblazoned on their uniform is pure red, and is created in a way that it looks three-dimensional.


As the team is merely in its formation years, none of the teams assembled throughout the short time span have won the Memorial Cup, awarded to the champion team of the Canadian Hockey League.

Franchise history

Since foundation in 1998, games have been covered live and occasionally tape-delayed on Rogers Community Cable 10, Brampton, and scores and news been reported in The Brampton Guardian. The club's current and only head coach and Director of Hockey Operations is Stan Butler.

As many of the players are still in their mid-teens, Turner Fenton Secondary School plays host to many of the players, due to the short distance from there to the arena.

Players of note

Current players of note include Patrick Sweeney and captain Wojtek Wolski.

Notable Alumni

As this team and the rest of the OHL are full of young talent, they are used as a key area for picking young new rookies and hopefuls for the NHL. Twenty-four players have been drafted since the foundation of the team.

They include:


Jason Maleyko, Paul Flache, Cam McLaughlin, Rostislav Klesla, Brad Woods, Matt Hodges, Jay Harrison.

Left Wing:

Raffi Torres, Sebastien Savage, Shayne Fryia, Richard Kearns.

Right Wing:

Lukas Havel, Aaron Van Leusen,
Scott Thompson, Brent Hughes.


Jason Spezza, Matt Reynolds, Brian Barker, Kurt MacSweyn, Jeff Bateman, Blair McLaughlin.


David Chant, Brian Finley, Scott Della Vedova.