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Brahmic family

The Brahmic family is a family of abugidas used in South Asia and Southeast Asia. The individuals abugidas may be called Brahmic scripts or Indic scripts. The term Nagari is also used for those Brahmic scripts that are used to write Indic languages.

Brahmic scripts are ultimately descended from the script for ancient Sanskrit. The most prominent member of the family is Devanagari, which is used to write several languages in India, as well as Nepal, including both Indic languages and Dravidian languages. Burmese, Cambodian and Thai are also written in Brahmic scripts, though with considerable modification to suit their phonology.

Characteristics include:

Many languages using Brahmic scripts are now also written in a Latin script, but this is making little headway in India itself.

Urdu, a language native to India, uses the Arabic alphabet, not an Indic script.

List of Brahmic Scripts encoded in Unicode

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