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Boris and Arkady Strugatsky

The two brothers Arkady (Аркадий, August 28, 1925 - October 12, 1991) and Boris (Борис, born April 14, 1933) Strugatsky (Стругацкий; alternate spelling: Strugatski) are Russian science fiction authors who collaborated on their fiction.

The Strugatsky brothers (Братья Стругацкие), as they are usually called, became the best-known Soviet science fiction writers with a well developed fan base. Their early work was influenced by Ivan Yefremov. Their most famous novel Piknik na obochine has been translated into English as Roadside Picnic in 1977 and was filmed by Andrei Tarkovsky under the title Stalker.

Several other works have been translated into English, but did not receive even a fraction of the critical acclaim of Russian audiences. This can be attributed primarily due to failings that inevitably arise when an attempt is made to translate colloquial Russian into a language that does not very well support its grammatical structure; the second reason is that a basic understanding of the rigid mindset promoted by the Stalinist regime is an absolute prerequisite to being able to see the contrast and rejection of uniformity that is evident in every one of Strugatskys' works.

The brothers were Guests of Honour at the 1987 World Science Fiction Convention, held in Brighton, England.

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