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Borger-Odoorn (population: 26,335) is a municipality in the northeastern Netherlands, in the province of Drenthe. The municipality covers an area of 278.00 km².

The municipality of Borger-Odoorn consists the following towns, villages and townships: 1e Exloërmond, 2e Exloërmond, 2e Valthermond, Borger, Bronneger, Bronnegerveen, Buinen, Buinerveen, Drouwen, Drouwenermond, Drouwenerveen, Ees, Eesergroen, Eeserveen, Ellertshaar, Exloërveen, Exloo, Klijndijk, Nieuw-Buinen, Odoorn, Odoornerveen, Valthe, Valthermond, Westdorp, Zandberg.

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