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BOC is the commonly used name of the multi-national industrial gas company officially known as The BOC Group, and formerly known as Brin Oxygen Company, Ltd.. As of 2000, BOC has over 40,000 employees on six continents, with sales of over £3.9 billion. BOC is also the company's stock symbol on the London Stock Exchange.

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Business units

The BOC group has expanded beyond the origional industrial gas business, and now operates under the following names.


The company was formed in
1880 by Arthur and Leon Brin. In the early days they provided oxygen for limelights majic lanterns]]. 23 years later in 1903 they provided it for the new oxyacetylene welding, and changed their name to British Oxygen Company in 1906

External Links

BOC is an abbreviation for the name of the rock music band Blue Oyster Cult''.

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