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Blue Wizards

In the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Blue Wizards (or the Ithryn Luin) are two notoriously mysterious characters of Middle-earth. They are only hinted at in Lord of the Rings, where Saruman says there are five Wizards. However, other writings of Tolkien have more to say. In a letter, Tolkien says that the two wizards went into the East, and likely failed their mission, perhaps having started magical cults. And in a writing found in Unfinished Tales, Tolkien writes that the two Wizards were indeed sent to the East. Their names are Alatar and Pallando, and they are Maiar of the Vala OromŽ.

However, all of this changes in a text written in the last year or two of Tolkien's life. The Blue Wizards are now named Morinehtar and Romestamo (Darkness-slayer and East-helper). They are said to have arrived not in the Third Age, but in the Second, around the year 1600, the time of the Forging of the One Ring. Their mission though is still to the east, to weaken the forces of Sauron. And it is here said that the Wizards far from failed; rather, they had a pivotal role in the victories of the West at the end of both the Second and the Third Ages.

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