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Blue Mountain College

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Blue Mountain College (BMC) is a private liberal arts college, supported by the Mississippi Baptist Convention, located in the northeasten Mississippi town Blue Mountain.


The college was founded in 1873 by Confederate General Mark P. Lowrey, a pastor, as an institution to provide education to women. Blue Mountain Female Institute, as it was called at first, started with fifty students with Mr. Lowrey and his two daughters serving as the faculty. In 1877, the college was officially chartered by the State of Mississippi. Lowrey, his sons W.T. and B.G., and grandson Lawrence Lowrey all served as the first four presidents. A long time professor of the school, Dr. Wilfred Tyler, became president in 1960 followed by Dr. Harold Fisher in 1965. Since 2001, Dr. Bettye Coward has headed the college.

Originally an independently owned institution, the college was turned over to the Mississippi Baptist Convention in 1920. It remained focused on women's education until 1956 when a program to train men for church related vocations was started.




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