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Blind Date

Blind Date is the name of a British dating game show and an American reality show. The two shows share little except a name.

In the American version, couples who do not know each other are paired up and sent off on a date. The cameras follow their every move, and sarcastic subtitles, animations, and captions are added for the enjoyment of the viewers. The dates are generally unsuccessful, and this, too, appears to add to the enjoyment of the viewers. The show features and is aimed at young adults.

The British version has a format similar to the game known in North America as The Dating Game. Three singles of the same sex are introduced to the audience. They are then asked questions by a single of the opposite sex, who can hear but not see them, in order to choose which one he or she would prefer to go on a date with. When he or she has made a choice, and been introduced, the couple then get to randomly choose where they will go on the date.

The following episode will then show the film of the couple as they go on their date, and interviews with them about the date and about each other. This version is aimed at a family audience.

See also: blind date, the concept after which the shows are named.