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Bleach (album)

Bleach was the debut album by Nirvana, released in 1989 through Sub Pop.

Most of the songs feature themes based on life in Aberdeen, Washington, a small, working class town where songwriter Kurt Cobain grew up. The album features a more heavy metal influenced sound than their later recordings.

"About A Girl" features the quiet/loud dynamic for which Nirvana would become known.

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Track listing

  1. "Blew" (Kurt Cobain)
  2. "Floyd The Barber" (Kurt Cobain)
  3. "About A Girl" (Kurt Cobain)
  4. "School" (Kurt Cobain)
  5. "Love Buzz" (Robby Van Leeuwen)
  6. "Paper Cuts" (Kurt Cobain)
  7. "Negative Creep" (Kurt Cobain)
  8. "Scoff" (Kurt Cobain)
  9. "Swap Meet" (Kurt Cobain)
  10. "Mr. Moustache" (Kurt Cobain)
  11. "Sifting" (Kurt Cobain)
  12. "Big Cheese" (Kurt Cobain)

The re-release by Geffen Records added "Downer", which can also be found on Incesticide


"Love Buzz" was released with "Big Cheese" in October 1988. The version of "Love Buzz" on the single has a different mix to the album version, and features a sound collage by Kurt Cobain.

"Blew" was released through Tupelo Records in December 1989 with "Love Buzz", "Been a Son" and "Stain". "Been a Son" and "Stain" were written by Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic, and would later appear on Incesticide.

Chart position

1992  Bleach         The Billboard 200            No. 89