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Black & White Records

Black & White Records was a Los Angeles, California based record company, active in the 1940s and 1950s. It was later owned by Capitol Records.

Numerical Listing (Partial)

2A      Art's Boogie ( Art Hodes )
           Art Hodes     (Matrix 2A)
2B      St. Louis Blues
           Art Hodes
3      Quiet Please
           Cliff Jackson Qt     (Matrix HS1206)
3      Squeeze Me
           Cliff Jackson Qt     (Matrix HS1207)
4      If I Could Be With You
           Cliff Jackson B/W Stompers
4      Weary Blues
           Cliff Jackson B/W Stompers
5      Tea For Two
           George Wettling Jazz Trio     Recorded (1945)
5      Sweet Georgia Brown
           Gene Schroeder     Recorded (1945)
6      How Could You Put Me Down
           Lion & His Cubs
6      Let's Mop It
           Lion & His Cubs
7      Some Of These Days ( Shelton Brooks )
           George Wettling Jazz Trio     (Matrix BW17)     Recorded July 1, 1944
7      Everybody Loves My Baby ( Williams-Palmer )
           George Wettling Jazz Trio     (Matrix BW18)     Recorded July 1, 1944
9      Blow Top Blues
           Etta Jones w. Barney Bigard     (Matrix BW53)     Recorded December 29, 1944
9      Salty Papa Blues
           Etta Jones w. Barney Bigard     (Matrix BW51)     Recorded December 29, 1944
10      Evil Gal Blues
           Etta Jones w. Barney Bigard     (Matrix BW52)     Recorded December 29, 1944
10      Long Long Journey
           Etta Jones w. Barney Bigard     (Matrix BW54)     Recorded December 29, 1944
12A      Little Goose ( Feagle-Hillard )
           Ray Stokes Trio     (Matrix BW62)     Recorded January 3, 1945
12B      Blues For Clarence Profit ( Ramon Stokes )
           Ray Stokes Trio     (Matrix BW60)     Recorded January 3, 1945
13      Sweet Marijuana Brown
           Barney Bigard Sextet     (Matrix BW65)     Recorded January 5, 1945
13      Blues For Art's Sake
           Barney Bigard Sextet     (Matrix BW66)     Recorded January 5, 1945
14      Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
           Barney Bigard Sextet     (Matrix BW63)     Recorded January 5, 1945
14      Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
           Barney Bigard Sextet     (Matrix BW64)     Recorded January 5, 1945
15      Night And Day
           Erroll Garner Trio     Recorded (1945)
15      White Rose Bounce
           Erroll Garner Trio     Recorded (1945)

16      Movin' Around
           Erroll Garner Trio
18      Cherokee
           Joe Marsala Septet
18      My Melancholy Baby
           Joe Marsala Septet
21      Suspicious Blues
           Spirits Of Rhythm
21      Coquette
           Spirits Of Rhythm
22A      Honeysuckle Rose ( Razaf-Waller )
           Spirits Of Rhythm     (Matrix BW75)     Recorded January 24, 1945
22B      Last Call Blues ( Leonard Feather )
           Spirits Of Rhythm     (Matrix BW79)     Recorded January 24, 1945
23      She Ain't No Saint ( Leonard Feather )
           Spirits Of Rhythm     (Matrix BW78)     Recorded January 24, 1945
23      Scattin' The Blues
           Spirits Of Rhythm     (Matrix BW76)     Recorded January 24, 1945
24      Muskrat Ramble
           Lion's Jazz Band
24      Bugle Call Rag
           Willie Smith's Jazz Band
25      Who
           Cliff Jackson
25      It Had To Be You
           Cliff Jackson
26      Royal Garden Blues
           Cliff Jackson
26      Limehouse Blues
           Cliff Jackson
27      That's A Plenty
           George Wettling Jazz Trio     (Matrix BW20)     Recorded July 1, 1944
27      China Boy
           George Wettling Jazz Trio     (Matrix BW19)     Recorded July 1, 1944
28      You Took Advantage Of Me
           Dick Cary     (Matrix BW12)
28      Thought About You
           Dick Cary     (Matrix BW10)
29      Have You Ever Felt That Way
           Rod Cless Qt
29      Froggy Moore
           Rod Cless Qt
30      I Know That You Know
           Rod Cless Qt
30      Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
           Rod Cless Qt     (Matrix QC2564)
31      Maple Leaf Rag
           Hank Duncan Trio     (Matrix BW13)
31      I Gave You My Word
           Hank Duncan Trio     (Matrix BW16)
32      Changes Always In My Mind
           Hank Duncan Trio     (Matrix BW15)
32      Upbeat
           Hank Duncan Trio     (Matrix BW14)
33      I Ain't Got Nobody
           Gene Schroeder
33      Liza
           Gene Schroeder
34      Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
           Black And White Quartet
37      C.V. Jam
           Charlie Ventura Sextet     (Matrix T-13)     Recorded August 17, 1945
37      Out You Go
           Charlie Ventura Sextet     (Matrix T-12)     Recorded August 17, 1945
38      Let's Jump For Rita
           Charlie Ventura Sextet     (Matrix T-15)     Recorded August 17, 1945
38      Tammy's Dream
           Charlie Ventura Sextet     (Matrix T-14)     Recorded August 17, 1945
42      Every Time I Think Of You
           Wilbert Baranco Bombadiers
42      Baranco Boogie
           Baranco's Rhythm Bombadiers
43      Walkin' And Talkin' To Myself
           Cliff Jackson Village Cats
43      Quiet Please
           Cliff Jackson Village Cats
101      Honeydripper
           Sammy Franklin & His Atomics
102      Lonesome Boy Blue
           Sammy Franklin & His Atomics
103      You're A No Good
           Alton Redd
104      Let's Get Some
           Mushmouth Robinson     Recorded January 9, 1945
104      I Got The Blues
           Mushmouth Robinson     Recorded January 9, 1945
105      I'm Hip To These Women
           Mushmouth Robinson     Recorded January 9, 1945
105      Boogie Boo Blues
           Mushmouth Robinson     Recorded January 9, 1945
110      I'm Gonna Find My Baby
           T-Bone Walker     
110      Bobby Sox Blues
           T-Bone Walker
112     One Hour
           Helen Humes with Buck Clayton & his Allstars     (Matrix: BW414-5)
           Recorded c. May 1946
112     Drive Me Daddy
           Helen Humes with Buck Clayton & his Allstars     (Matrix: BW416-2)
           Recorded c. May 1946
114     I Don't Know His Name
           Helen Humes with Buck Clayton & his Allstars     (Matrix: BW415)
           Recorded c. May 1946
119      Blues With A Feeling
          Rabon Tarrant w. Jack McVea
119      Slowly Goin' Crazy
           Rabon Tarrant w. Jack McVea
126      I'm Waiting For Your Call
           T-Bone Walker
126      That's Better
           T-Bone Walker
150      Oodle Coo Bop
           Howard McGhee & his Orchestra
150      Oodle Coo Bop Pt.2
           Howard McGhee & his Orchestra

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