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Bionicle is a range of toys made by LEGO and marketed at 8-12-year-old boys. The range was launched in 2000 and is centred around characters based on the classical elements and Polynesian mythology.

The range was initially attacked by Maori groups who were offended by LEGO's appropriation of their language, imagery and folklore.

In 2002 Miramax announced a computer animated movie project based on the Bionicle range.

The film is a story of an island protected by a guardian called Mata Nui. The island, named in the spirit's honor, falls under shadow when Makuta, Mata Nui's brother, puts him into a deep sleep. Legends are told by the elders of the villages on Mata Nui of six mighty warriors that will come to defeat Makuta. When they come, they are sent to find the ancient Masks of Power, kanohi which will aid them in their quest to defeat Makuta.

This movie is a theatrical release that is coming in 2005. It will follow two DTV and DVD (direct to video and DVD) movies. The first is BIONICLE: Mask of Light, coming on Sept. 16. The next movie is coming in Fall 2004. It is called BIONICLE: Mask Maker, or according to other sources Metru Nui: City of Legends. Henry Gilroy will return to screenwrite this movie too. A writer has been named for the 2005 BIONICLE movie. More information can be found at this site