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Billy Tipton

Billy Tipton, (1914-1989), jazz pianist and saxophonist who lived her life as a male musician.

Dorothy Lucille Tipton was born on December 29 1914 in Oklahoma City, USA. In 1933 she took a role of a male musician and finally got into a band in Kansas City. During the Great Depression and World War Two, she played in small bands all over the USA. After her career she settled down as an entertainment agent in Spokane, Washington.

To her four wives she told she had been in a grave car accident that had left her with unhealed ribs, genital disfigurement and sterility. She also adopted three boys. Her parents and one cousin apparently knew the truth.

In 1989 she suffered from hemorrhaging ulcers and refuses to call a doctor. After her death, coroner told her family the truth. None of her adopted sons, ex-wives, associates or band members have admitted to guessing the truth during her life.


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