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Bideford is a small port town on the northern coast of the county of Devon in Great Britain.

This area of North Devon was home to the Author Charles Kingsley, and where he based his novel Westward Ho, since that novel was published the town of Westward Ho! has grown and was in-fact named after the book.

In the 16th century Bideford was Britain's third largest port and it is rumoured that Sir Walter Raleigh landed his first shipment of tobacco there. Today, the narrow town centre streets lead down to the tree lined quay which bustles with fishing vessels, cargo and pleasure boats.

A famous feature in the town is the mediaeval Long Bridge linking the main part of the town to east-the-water, which has 24 arches, all of different sizes.

Ferry services run from Bideford Quay to the island of Lundy, situated a few miles to sea.

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