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Bhumibol Adulyadej

Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX, royal name Phra Chaoyuhao Bhumibol Adulyadej) the Great, is King of Thailand since 1946. He is the world's longest-serving Head of State, and is the 9th king of the Thai Chakri Dynasty.

He was born on December 5 1927 at Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the United States, and was educated in Switzerland.

After his older brother Ananda Mahidol died, he succeeded him, on June 9, 1946 as the new king. However, he first finished his education, with a major in Law and Political Science, before being officially crowned, on May 5, 1950. A few days before, on April 28, he married Mom Rajawongse Sirikit Kitiyakara. They have four children, viz:

King Bhumibol is highly respected by the Thai people, and his image is prominently displayed all over the country. On May 5, 1987, he received, by popular national referendum, the honorary title the Great.