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Betuwe is an area in the Netherlands in the province of Gelderland.

It is situated in between the Waal and Rhine rivers and surrounds the beautiful Linge river.

The area is famous for its fruit production.

In 1995 a large part of this area had to be evacuated because the rivers threatened to overflow. Fortunately this did not happen, but it raised the debate again about whether to reinforce the dikes or not.

At present (2003) the construction of a big freight railroad, called Betuweroute is in progress. This railroad has caused a big political debate in the Netherlands. [1]

Towns in the Betuwe are:

Also the name of a jam factory in the town of Tiel. The factory became famous because of its merchandise in which a figure called Flipje was starring. Every object related to Flipje has become a collector's item in the Netherlands.