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Bertrand of Toulouse

Bertrand of Toulouse (died 1112) was count of Toulouse, and was the first count of Tripoli to rule in Tripoli itself.

He was the eldest son of Raymond IV of Toulouse, and had ruled Toulouse since Raymond left on the First Crusade in 1095. He officially became count of Toulouse when Raymond died in 1105, and in 1108 he headed to Tripoli to take control there as well. He deposed Raymond's nephew William-Jordan as nominal count of Tripoli in 1109, and with Baldwin I, king of Jerusalem, and a fleet of Genoan ships he captured Tripoli on June 10.

Bertrand ruled in Tripoli until his death in 1112. He was succeeded by his son Pons in Tripoli, and by his brother Alphonse-Jordan in Toulouse.

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Raymond IV
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