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Bernina Alps

The chief peaks of the Bernina Alps, from the Maloja to the Reschen Scheideck and the Stelvio, south and east of the Val Bregaglia and of the Engadine and north of the Vultellina, are:

Name Elevation

Piz Bernina 4055 meters13,304 feet
Piz Languard 3266 meters10,716 feet
Piz Zupo 4002 meters13,131 feet
Piz Sesvenna 3221 meters10,568 feet
Monte di Scerscen 3998 meters13,116 feet
Piz Pisoc 3178 meters10,427 feet
Piz Roseg 3942 meters12,934 feet
Piz Murtarol 3177 meters10,424 feet
Piz Palu 3912 meters12,835 feet
Piz Quaiervals 3157 meters10,358 feet
Crast' Aguzza 3872 meters12,704 feet
Pizzo della Margna 3156 meters10,355 feet
Piz Morteratsch 3754 meters12,317 feet
Cima di Redasco 3139 meters10,299 feet
Monte della Disgrazia 3678 meters12,067 feet
Piz Lischanna 3110 meters10,204 feet
Pizzo di Verona 3462 meters11,359 feet
Pizzo di Sena 3078 meters10,099 feet
Cima di Piazzi 3439 meters11,283 feet
Piz Casana 3072 meters10,079 feet
Cima di Castello 3400 meters11,155 feet
Monte Foscagno 3051 meters10,010 feet
Cima Viola 3384 meters11,103 feet
Pizzo del Teo 3050 meters10,007 feet
Pizzo Cengalo 3374 meters11,070 feet
Pizzo del Ferro 3050 meters10,007 feet
Cima di Rosso 3371 meters11,060 feet
Piz Umbrail 3034 meters9955 feet
Pizzo Scalino 3323 meters10,903 feet
Zwei Schwestern 2982 meters9784 feet
Pizzo Badile 3311 meters10,863 feet
Monte Braulio 2980 meters9777 feet
Corno di Campo 3305 meters10,844 feet
Monte Spluga 2841 meters9321 feet
Pizzo di Dosde 3280 meters10,762 feet
Monte Massuccio 2816 meters9239 feet
Cima di Saoseo 3277 meters10,752 feet
Mont la Schera 2589 meters8494 feet

List of passes

The chief passes of the Bernina Alps, from the Maloja to the Reschen Scheideck and the Stelvio, south and east of the Val Bregaglia and of the Engadine and north of the Vultellina, are:

Note: road status as of 1911.

Mountain passlocationtype (as of 1911)Elevation

Fuorcla Bellavista Pontresina to Chiesa, in Val Malenco snow 3684 meters12,087 feet
Fuorcla Crast' Aguzza same to same snow 3598 meters11,805 feet
Fuorcla Tschierva same to same snow 3527 meters11,572 feet
Fuorela Sella same to same snow 3304 meters10,840 feet
Passo di Bondo Bondo to the Baths of Masino snow 3117 meters10,227 feet
Passo di Castello Maloja to Morbegno snow 3100 meters10,171 feet
Passo Tremoggia Sils to Chiesa snow 3021 meters9912 feet
Passo di Mello Chiareggio to Val Masino snow 2991 meters9813 feet
Diavolezza Pass Bernina road to the Morteratsch Glen snow 2977 meters9767 feet
Passo di Dosde Val Grosina to Val Viola Bormina foot path 2850 meters9351 feet
Passo di Sacco Bernina road to Grosio foot path 2751 meters9026 feet
Passo di Zocca Vicosoprano to Val Masino snow 2743 meters9000 feet
Casana pass Scants to Livigno bridle path 2692 meters8832 feet
Muretto pass Maloja to Chiesa partly snow 2557 meters8389 feet
Umbrail Pass or Wormserjoch Munster Valley to the Stelvio road carriage road 2512 meters8242 feet
Passo di Val Viola Bernina road to Bormio bridle path 2431 meters7976 feet
Giufplan Pass Ofen road to Fraele bridle path 2354 meters7723 feet
Bernina Pass Pontresina to Tirano carriage road 2330 meters7645 feet
Forcola di Livigno Bernina Pass to Livigno small carriage road 2328 meters7638 feet
Cruschetta Pass Schuls by Scarl to Taufers bridle path 2316 meters7599 feet
Passo di Verva Bormio to Grosio foot path 2314 meters7592 feet
Sursass or Schlinig Pass Remus to Mals foot path 2298 meters7540 feet
Foscagno Pass Bormio to Trepalle bridle path 2291 meters7517 feet
Alpisella Lass Uivigno to Fraule bridle path 2285 meters7497 feet
Scarl Pass Scarl to Santa Maria Val Müstair carriage road 2251 meters7386 feet
Dossradond Pass Santa Maria Munster to Fraele bridle path 2240 meters7349 feet
Passo Dheira Livigno to Trepallebridle path 2209 meters7248 feet
Ofen Pass Zernez to Mals carriage road 2155 meters7071 feet
Fraele Pass Bormio to the Ofen road partly bridle path 1950 meters6398 feet
Scale di Fraele Bormio to Fraele bridle path 1942 meters6372 feet
Maloja Pass St Moritz to Chiavenna carriage road 1809 meters5935 feet

(from an old encyclopedia)