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Bernburg (district)

Adm. Region:Dessau
Area:414 km²
Inhabitants:69,300 (2001)
pop. density:168 inh./km²
Car identification:BBG

Bernburg is a district in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. It is bounded by (from the north and clockwise) the districts of Schönebeck, Köthen, Saalkreis, Mansfelder Land and Aschersleben-Staßfurt.

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2 Geography
3 Coat of arms
4 Towns and municipalities
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There was a state called Anhalt-Bernburg following the dissolution of the principality of Anhalt in 1603. This mini state was elevated to the rank of a duchy in 1806 and merged with some other states to form a united Anhalt again in 1863. The borders were roughly identical to the present district.


The small district of Bernburg is located in the historical region of Anhalt. The Saale River crosses the district from south to north.

Coat of arms

The arms display a bear walking on a red wall. The bear is the heraldic animal of Bernburg and Anhalt. The arms are identical to the old arms of the medieval state of Anhalt-Bernburg and the province of Anhalt within the Weimar Republic.

Towns and municipalities

  1. Alsleben
  2. Bernburg
  3. Güsten
  4. Könnern
  5. Nienburg
  1. Alsleben
  2. Bernburg-Land
  3. Nienburg
  4. Wipperaue

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