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Bergse Maas

The Bergse Maas or Bergsche Maas is a tributary of the Meuse River in the Netherlands, which splits near Heusden into the Afgedamde Maas river on the right and the Bergse Maas on the left.

The continuation of the Bergse Maas river, called Amer, and the Nieuwe Merwede river join near Lage Zwaluwe to form the Hollands Diep.

The Bergse Maas is a man-made river: it has been formed in 1904, to divert the flow of the Meuse from the route now called Afgedamde Maas (Dammed Up Meuse).

There are two road bridges and three car ferries. The latter are free of charge, as promised when the Bergse Maas was dug, but from 2004 a fee of 1 euro will have to be paid for a car. For foot-passengers they remain free. [1]

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