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Bentina Beakly

Bettina Beakly is a fictional character, a relatively late addition to the fictional Scrooge McDuck universe from the Disney series Duck Tales.

Bettina was introduced as Webby Vanderquack's grandmother and legal guardian as well as Scrooge McDuck's housekeeper and the nanny of his nephews. Created exclusively for Duck Tales., She first appeared in the five-part pilot episode "Treasure of the Golden Suns". She is always referred to as Mrs. Beakly by everyone except Webby who calls her Grammy. Mrs. Beakly sometimes goes along with Scrooge and the nephews on their adventures. She is perhaps gullible, but not stupid. She constantly tries to make the nephews behave. Mrs. Beakly is the only member of Scrooge's household staff other than Duckworth the Butler.